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Sunday, January 23, 2011

15 Year Recovery Birthday

Fifteen years ago, as of midnight tonight, I was homeless and living on the streets with nothing more than the clothes I was wearing.

I hadn't had a bath or clean clothes in 2 weeks, food in 3 days or slept longer than an hour in months. I was strung out, hopeless and pathetic. For 3 years I had been living on the streets in different cities; Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix, doing whatever I had to do to survive one more day so I could use again.

I had no dignity, no self respect, no hope. I had forgotten the most basic things such as how to bathe, how to carry on a coherent conversation or how to do anything other than survive on an animal level.

Tomorrow is my 15 years clean. I fell into Narcotics Anonymous by accident and never left.

To my friends in recovery, thank you for saving my life.

To my non-recovery friends, thank you for being yourselves and for accepting me as I am into your lives.

I love you all.

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